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DreamGirl NFT Selection

Dream Girl is a multi-sensory NFT artist that combines photography, digital art, mixed mediums, original music, soundscapes and spoken word into each minted piece.

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Let Love Rule

What would we tell love if we had the chance? To continue to choose love for better or worse There is a unique experience that happens when you decide to allow yourself to experience the power of love in your life.

At first, it is a most bewitching state. It lures you in with hope and excitement. Maybe even a promise of healing and even better, forgetting all of the betrayals and tears of your past.

Oh, this love has a way of glazing your life with so much vivid color everything about it, the sky, the way food tastes, how nearly every song becomes your new anthem. Optimism consumes you fully and you feel unstoppable. Insatiable even.

So much so, you get this wild idea that the whole world could be feeling like this! Yes, that’s it, let’s scale love. That way, so much of the world’s problems would have a chance of coming back around right, and people would be working together, maybe even make an economy around such a grand notion.

There is a part of you that feels most pleased by your new found sophisticated wisdom and revelations. Then, it hits you. A surge like you have never known. And your all-knowing arrogant assumptions of this magic you now possess shakes you to the very core of your playacted reality. You begin to crack… open.

Like the plates of the earth shattering an ancient crust that had gotten so used to being there for so much time. You begin to see how little of love you actually have allowed into your life up to this point. How deeply scarred and callused you had become to your world, and how so much of you wants nothing more but to be in service to the overflowing of such a sensation to enter you even more fully, and maybe, just maybe wash away the soot of the shattered pieces barely holding you together.

In this, all that you have known is decimated. What happens next? Underneath the rolling trembles of a cracked voice that is giving everything it can to muster a series of sounds together that could even come close to articulating the gratitude of annihilation.

You know deep down, you will never be the same, you can never go back to who you were before Venus lay her sultry lips upon yours and gave you the gift of a thousand deaths. It becomes not of another person, place or matter. Nor from the illusion of self-preservation or gain. But rather an uncompromisable, unreasonable, un yielding and un separated allegiance.

Bending fully to her every will and notion. Letting her delicate hands gently guide you to the shrillest of battles. Willing to show up on the frontline and welcome every slash.

For love has forbidden you to fight the way they do. You are there, in the trenches to prove to this decaying world, in her, you live forever. In her you are untouched, and unmoved.

Your Truly, DreamGirl


Up in the air

What if your very circumstance is exactly what was needed to give you that keen insight to what was need most now? More importantly, what will you do with these grand wild unrealistic ideas you are having?

Let’s feel into this for a moment. Feel where you are at right now. All the details and complexities, the emotions, the sensations in your body. It can be absolutely dizzying when we tune in.

But through this static, through the noise of all that is going on right now, there is a still point that’s quite somewhere far off in the distance. Go there, and see that this still point of quite is actually an interplanetary portal from a distant future. A place where everybody’s great ideas somehow magically landed in. What does it look like? Where are you?

Yours Turly, DreamGirl


A true revealing

To deny my love for you is to deny love in my life in all its entirety. To shut down what is true at the core of me for the sake of maintaining the pleasantries and comforts of what is present only distances me from any comfort I might find here.

Rather, to love you fully with all of the gates open, unencumbered and unashamed puts me to rest and at peace to know that love, in whatever form it takes, can live freely, if only in my heart.

To not sequester you to a barren wasteland of excuses, but to know that you live in me can be enough. My lips can be yours from here, and being on the same planet is more than I will ever need.

In this way, the destruction of our bond can be at bay and the distance can forge a golden path for those around us who benefit of this choice. It is their flourishing that keeps us as distant allies. This is an ancient bond we have known in stories of long days past. The Cleos and Antony’s , the Darcys and Janes, The sun and the moon. Their distance is what sustains life.

Yours Truly, DreamGirl


The Vortex

Have you ever had to make a big choice? I’m not talking about a superficial one like a car or a vacation to go on, or even a school to go to. I am talking about the choice to live or let something die. Have you felt the energy of life and the pain of it all surge through your being as you teeter at the brink of said choice and your own extinction?

In the Jewish tradition, it is said that there is one final prayer one must speak at the end of one’s life that is so sincere that bestowing it to your lips in the manner it is intended, holds so much weight and heart or devotion, it actually becomes the fuel needed to catapult your soul out of your body and to its next destined place. I am sure with the surge of DMT released in the penial during transition in combination with these words is an ancient cocktail of wonders.

That’s the kind of choice I am talking about. One so held in conviction that is shakes you to the very core of your existence and catapults your entire reality into a completely new universe that you have never seen or experienced, but you know it is exactly where you are destined to be. In that choice, you know you are choosing eternal life, in this life.

I wonder how many of us have actually had this experience? If I have actually had this experience? Fully. Without a doubt. Whether it has been glimpsed or exonerated and is there a spectrum of choice like this?

It’s a brave move indeed. One that requires a hold steady as reality shifts around us. A strong muscle of the soul to not whence and fault back to a more comfortable or familiar state. Our beautiful complex minds however, have such a way of circumventing us back into redundancy, don’t they?

Like a snap of a rubber band stretching as far as it could to the edges of its growth, then bam! A slip and a reverberating ripple back into the decent of placidity takes holds of the now misshapen sheath of your former compacity. In a full transitional state, there is no spectrum that I can see. It is a very black and white conversation. You make the choice, go through the mirror, mirror breaks and there is no looking back. Your edges exist to prove to the soul that it can fly. Yours Truly, DreamGirl

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