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Multi Sensory Artist . Philosopher . Strategist.



I typically refrain from talking about myself. I am much more interested in using the public platforms I have to learn about or promote projects, wisdom traditions and organizations I work with or am inspired by that I believe are making a difference in the world.  This website serves as a response to the inquires I have had to share my professional details.

Occasionally, I am fortunate enough to record, write or otherwise communicate glimpses of some of my most private revelations and honest reflections. You will not find me posting much on social media very often. So, by whatever means you found this website, you are here for a reason and thank you for visiting. 

The work I have done to synthesize, make practical sense of or bring a unique perspective to have contributed to innovative insights and projects that are in service to Life and our collective potential.

I am deeply grateful for all the friends and allies I have on this journey who have poured their hearts into the impact and joyous moments we have created together. Every turn of the spiral with you is conformation of our shared dharma being realized.

Here, you will find a collection my creative work. My hope, is that you will enjoy this offering as a gift and that you feel touched or inspired to create something beautiful and meaningful in your world.

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About Me

Media Personality/Host/Writer/Collaborator

Rachel's passion for impact has led her to direct global partnerships, ask questions and develop teams that bring the possibility of inspired vision into grounded motivated action. She is dedicated to global health and bringing the body of humanity back into balance with all of life.  

Rachel brings her diverse background and insights to support community systems and collective intelligence to create a generative future.  She has been a pioneer in regenerative culture and is a strong advocate for redefining the value of the planet through meaningful connection.

For nearly a decade, her work has been headquartered at one of the longest running eco-villages in North America. There, Rachel has been focusing on creating and refining the process of global community building that teaches and demonstrates the importance of bringing solution oriented practical technologies to the world.

Her ability to create an intimate atmosphere in which people can be honest about the complexities of the world from both a systemic to personal level has helped Rachel become a sought out voice in the collective narrative committed to a coherent path forward.

This unique approach has taken Rachel into joint ventures, unified efforts and systemic change initiatives at the forefront of innovation in the fields of community building, technology, market ready development, large scale social impact events, virtual economies, media, and regenerative education. She is an avid writer, ghost writer, content advisor, speaker and panelist on these topics bringing an added emphasis to the importance of exponential creativity and audacious communication. Rachel has also been an honored Prayer Keeper to Indigenous Councils for select events.

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